Pedestrian Crossing for Factory Flooring

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A builder based in Cornwall had been given the task of re-freshening the pedestrian crossing section of a busy warehouse. 


Virtus Resins recommended Chemdur. The customer needed to complete a 5sqm zebra crossing, so we recommended purchasing 2 x 2.5kg units of Chemdur in Gloss White and 1 x 2.5kg unit of Chemdur in Gloss Black. This would give the customer the materials they required to do two coats of white, with a top coat of black.


Chemdur is often used as a line marking paint due to its excellent scratch resistance. It is a two pack, chemical resistant paint suitable for floors and walls and available in a gloss, silk or matt finish. It offers excellent protection from a wide range of chemicals. It can be applied to concrete, render, brick, plasterboard, steel and aluminium. This product also has excellent UVR resistance and weather resistance, making it suitable for use externally. UVR properties also protect white coatings from yellowing due to sunlight or harsh spot lighting.


If you have a similar project to complete, do not hesitate to give us a call on 001978 790 744. We will happily provide you with excellent technical product advice - before, during, and after your purchase!


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