Flowepoxy ESD - Anti-Static Epoxy Self-Leveller

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Flowepoxy ESD is a is a medium duty flow applied epoxy floor topping with static dissipative properties for use on concrete and polymer modified cementitious screeds. Flowepoxy ESD is designed...


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    Flowepoxy ESD is a is a medium duty flow applied epoxy floor topping with static dissipative properties for use on concrete and polymer modified cementitious screeds. Flowepoxy ESD is designed with the highest order of durability, impact and abrasion resistance. Its easy to clean, smooth, gloss finish makes the product ideal for environments such as electronics manufacturing, solvent and powder filling and handling, pharmaceutical industry, laboratories, operating theatres etc. Due consideration should also be given to the choice of footwear and truck wheels to ensure that moving persons and vehiclesare not insulated from the floor surface.

    FeRFA Classification

    BS 8204-6 Type 5


    Flowepoxy ESD is available in Charcoal, Chelsea Blue, Dark Grey, Green, Mid Grey, Midnight Blue and Red only.

    * Flowepoxy ESD is not 100% colour fast and may yellow over time. The rate of change will depend on UV light and heat levels and cannot be predicted. This will be more pronounced with lighter colours and blue shades and does not compromise the product’s performance or chemical resistance characteristics.


    Seamless, smooth, gloss finish. Nominal 3 mm thick. In order to retain the high gloss, regular polishing with a metallised conductive polish will be required. Otherwise the product may scratch due to abrasive particles and dust with use. This is not detrimental to the product’s performance.


    • Flow-applied rapid installation
    • Seamless and non-dusting, easy to clean
    • High wear and abrasion resistance
    • Electrically Conductive

    Suitable Substrates

    Concrete and polymer-modified cementitious screeds


    • Food and beverage
    • Retail and car showrooms
    • Chemical industries
    • Schools
    • Hospitals
    • Hotels

    Pack Size

    30 kg unit comprising of:

    • 1 x Resin
    • 1 x Hardener
    • 1 x Aggregate


    5.5 kg/ minimum.

    * Coverage figures given are theoretical. Practical coverage rates may vary due to wastage factors and the type, condition, profile and porosity of the substrate.


    Flowepoxy requires 2 coats of Flowprime SF prior application. If the substrate has been newly laid and contains residual moisture Flowprime SF should be swapped for 2 coats of Flowprime DPM.



    IMPORTANT: Prior to mixing, the temperature of the three components must be between 15 and 25 oC. Otherwise coverage rate, flow and appearance will be impaired. Pre-mix the coloured resin component before use. Add the hardener component to the coloured resin component and mix using a low speed electric mixer (300 - 400 rpm) for approximately 30 seconds until homogeneous. Decant the mixture into a suitable mixing vessel and gradually add the aggregate component whilst continuing the mixing action. When all the aggregate has been added, mix for a minimum of 3 minutes until a uniform coloured, lump-free mix is obtained. Care should be taken to ensure that any material adhering to the sides, bottom and corners of the mixer is thoroughly blended in. Unduly extended or vigorous mixing should be avoided in order to minimize air entrainment.

    Each mix should be mixed in exactly the same way for the same length of time to minimise the risk of shading. Apply the mixture immediately onto pre-primed areas, level to the required thickness using a steel float then de-aerate thoroughly using a spiked roller. Do not use a notched trowel.


    Priming: The substrate should have a relative humidity of <75% otherwise Flowprime DPM should be used. Initial priming should be carried out using Flowprime SF to isolate the substrate and provide a dust free surface to receive the copper tape. Spread onto the substrate and roll with a short-haired roller to ensure even coverage until the surface is completely wetted out, taking care to avoid pooling. Apply around edges by brush, to allow even spreading and avoid pooling. If, when cured, there are dry patches, a further primer coat is required. Allow to cure for a minimum 12 hours at 20 ºC. If the primer has been left to cure for >48 hours then the primer surface should be mechanically abraded and the area re-primed. Failure to do so may result in de-bonding of the surface topping.

    Application of Flowepoxy ESD: Install copper tape and connect earth linkage cables to the primed substrate. Apply Flowprime ESD at a rate of 0.25 kg/m2 with a short-haired roller ensuring even coverage and avoiding pooling. When cured, ensure there are no glossy or bare patches. If so, re-prime using Flowprime ESD (see separate datasheet). The cured product should be protected from other trades using Kraft paper or similar breathable material. Polythene should not be used. Protect the installed floor from damp, condensation and water for at least 4 days.

    Certain colours can be made to order subject to availability.


    Technical Datasheets

    Flowepoxy EDS Technical Data Sheet

    data sheet download

    Safety Data Sheets

    Flowepoxy ESD Hardener

    data sheet download

    Flowepoxy ESD Aggregate

    data sheet download

    Flowepoxy ESD Resin

    data sheet download

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