FlowPatch Repair Fine Fill Grade

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FlowPatch Repair Fine Fill Grade is a three-component solvent free rapid setting high strength epoxy repair mortar. The fine aggregate grading allows easy application with hand tools from 25 mm...


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    FlowPatch Repair Fine Fill Grade is a three-component solvent free rapid setting high strength epoxy repair mortar. The fine aggregate grading allows easy application with hand tools from 25 mm down to a feather edge providing a well compacted impermeable repair with excellent resistance to abrasion, chemical attack and virtually no shrinkage. A feather edge is always a weak point in a repair. Full strength is achieved from 5 mm upwards.


    Smooth impervious surface with a grey ‘concrete’ colour.

    Typical Use

    Repairs to damaged concrete floors, pre-cast concrete units, spalled joint arises, kerbstones, damaged steps etc. Can be also be used to form falls

    Features & Benefits

    • High strength for heavy wear areas
    • Easily applied using hand tools
    • Fast curing
    • Impermeable and non-dusting

    Pack Size

    6 kg or 18 kg comprising a resin, hardener and filler component.

    Cure Schedule @ 20 °C

    Working life of full packs * 20 minutes

    * Usable working life of material following mixing and immediate spreading as per the application instructions. Using material after working life has expired will result in trowelling becoming difficult and a reduction in adhesion.

    Foot traffic = 4 hours

    Heavy duty = 6 hours.

    Full mechanical and chemical cure = 7 days.

    These times can vary due to prevailing site conditions. And are given as a guide only. At lower temperatures curing times will be extended and below 10 °C curing will be extremely slow or may stop.


    A 6 kg pack yields approximately 3 litres of mixed material.



    Typical Properties @ 20°C

    Compressive strength (7 days) 90 N/mm²

    Tensile strength (7 days) 16 N/mm²

    Flexural strength (7 days) 27 N/mm²

    Bond strength to concrete (7 days) > 3 N/mm² (substrate failure)

    The typical physical properties given above are derived from testing in a controlled laboratory environment. Results derived from testing field- applied samples may vary dependent upon site conditions.

    Surface Preparation


    Concrete substrates must be a minimum of 28 days old, dry, clean and free of surface laitance and contaminants such as dirt, oil, grease, coatings and surface treatments. Inadequate preparation will lead to loss of adhesion and failure. Surfaces should be thoroughly mechanically prepared by scabbling or grit-blasting to leave a roughened profile.


    Remove loose or flaking material, rust and previous coatings by wire brushing or grinding to provide a bright surface. Grease and oil should be removed with a suitable degreaser and allowed to dry. Prime immediately to prevent flash rusting.


    Using Flowprime TC Primer, pour the entire contents of the hardener container into the resin tub and mix thoroughly until homogeneous. Use a spatula to scrape the sides and bottom of the container several times as unmixed material will result in uncured patches in the primer and loss of adhesion. Apply a thin (250 to 500 microns), continuous layer to the work area using a stiff brush. Place the mixed FlowPatch Repair Fine Fill Grade within 15 minutes and 1 hour of priming whilst the primer is still tacky. If the primer is absorbed by porous substrates, re -prime before placing FlowPatch Repair Fine Fill Grade.

    Pot Life

    Mixed material should not be left standing for any length of time as this will reduce working time. High ambient temperatures will also reduce pot life.

    Tool Cleaning

    Tools and equipment should be cleaned whilst the resin is still wet with solvent.

    General Maintenance

    FlowPatch Repair Fine Fill Grade can be easily cleaned using industry standard cleaning chemicals and techniques designed for epoxy resin flooring. Test cleaning agents prior to use. Do not steam clean or subject to temperatures in excess of 60 °C.


    Remove food products from the area during application and curing. Smooth finishes may become slippery under certain conditions. In areas of chemical spillage, please consult our Technical Department for specific advice.

    Before using this product, please ensure that you have received and read the product Safety Data Sheet. Refer to hazard labelling on the product. Wear gloves and avoid contact with skin and eyes.

    EU Directive 2004/42/EC

    Complies with category j type SB (< 500 g/l).


    Materials should be kept dry and stored in a weatherproof building maintained at 15 °C to 25 °C on pallets and away from walls. Consignments should be used in order of batch number. Protect from frost.

    Shelf Life 

    12 months if stored in accordance with the above recommendations.

    Application Conditions

    Do not apply outside of the range 10 °C to 25 °C. Localised heating or cooling equipment may be required outside this range to achieve ideal temperature conditions.


    FlowPatch Repair Fine Fill Grade consists of three pre-proportioned components. Under no circumstances should part mixing of units be carried out. Materials should be stored at 15 ºC to 25 ºC for a minimum of 8 hours prior to use. Thoroughly re-mix the resin until consistent colour and pour the entire contents of the resin and hardener components into a suitable mixing vessel taking care to ensure that the bottom and sides of the containers are thoroughly scraped. Mix using a mortar stirrer fitted to a high torque, low speed electric mixer (200 - 500 rpm) until homogeneous. Slowly add the filler component whilst mixing. When all the filler has been added, mix for a further 1 minute or until homogeneous. Use a spatula to scrape the sides and bottom of the vessel several times as unmixed material will result in uncured patches in the final repair. Alternatively, a forced action mixer may be used i.e. Creteangle or Mixal. Never mix by hand.


    Best results are obtained in warm conditions (minimum 10 °C). Place the mixed material onto the primed surface using a clean trowel ensuring that the mortar is worked well into the surface, edges and cracks. A smooth surface finish can be achieved using a steel float moistened with a very small amount of Flowsolve. The mortar should be applied in layers from 10 mm up to 50. For thicker sections, the surface of the under-layer should be roughened or scored to aid adhesion. Subsequent primer and mortar layers can be applied once the under-layer is firm enough to take the working pressure without distorting (approximately 6 hours @ 20°C).

    Limitations: Do not proceed with application if atmospheric relative humidity is, or is anticipated to be >75% or if the surface temperature is <3 °C above the dew point. Application should not commence when the substrate temperature or the ambient temperature is, or is anticipated to be <10 °C during the application or within the curing period. The manufacture of FlowPatch Repair Fine Fill Grade is a batch process and despite close manufacturing tolerances, minor variations in shade may occur between batches.

    Technical Datasheets

    Flowpatch Technical Data Sheet

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    Safety Data Sheets

    Flowpatch Hardner

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    Flowpatch Resin

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    Flowpatch Aggregate

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