Flowprime TC - Tack Coat Primer

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Flowprime TC is recommended on dry and damp surfaces where there is concern regarding the quality of the concrete, metal or other substrate being repaired. It is a medium viscosity...


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    Flowprime TC is recommended on dry and damp surfaces where there is concern regarding the quality of the concrete, metal or other substrate being repaired. It is a medium viscosity resin primer used for bonding epoxy screed compositions. It has been specifically designed to be used when its tacky to enable trowel applied resin screed to be applied wet on wet giving a truly monolithic screed. Flowprime TC resin is absorbed into the resin screed as well as the substrate. Flowprime TC is also used as an adhesive to bond new concrete to old and as an adhesive for polymer modified cementitious flooring. The chemical composition of Flowprime TC permits the resin to cure when in contact with water.

    Product Advantages

    • Suitable for both dry and damp repairs
    • Excellent adhesive bond between Virtus repair mortars and an existing weak, porous or friable substrate.
    • Excellent penetrative qualities to porous substrates improving its strength.
    • An effective bonding layer over damp cementitious substrates, which penetrates the substrate capillaries prior to cure, blocking further moisture migration.

    Suitable Substrates

    Concrete, polymer modified sand and cement screeds, steel, brickwork, block work and timber.


    Flowprime TC is a clear unfilled two pack epoxy resin of medium viscosity.


    200-300 µm

    Pack Sizes

    1kg, 2.5kg and 5kg, consisting of resin and hardener components.

    Coverage Rates

    Coverage varies widely due to the porosity and profile of different substrates. As a guide,  1kg kit will cover 5.

    Surface Preparation

    The concrete substrate must be at least 28 days old, sound with a minimum compressive strength of 25 N/ m and a minimum pull off strength of 1.5 N/m . The substrate must be clean, dry with a moisture content less than 5% (75% RH) and free of all contaminants such as dirt, oil, grease, coatings and surface treatments, etc. The substrate should be free from rising damp and ground water pressure and contain a functional damp proof membrane. Inadequate preparation will lead to loss of adhesion and failure. Grinding, vacuum-contained shot-blasting or planing is recommended depending on the final finish to be applied. Percussive scabbling or acid etching is not recommended. Refer to the Guide to Surface Preparation for further information.

    Oil and Grease

    For large areas of contamination, use hot compressed air treatment. Small, isolated contamination should be removed using an appropriate degreaser, rinsed thoroughly and allowed to completely dry. A coat of Flowprime OT should then be applied.

    Application Conditions

    Resin products should not be mixed and laid outside of the range 10 °C to 25 °C. Localised heating or cooling equipment may be required outside this range to achieve ideal temperature conditions. To reduce the risk of “blooming” caused by condensation, the climate above the uncured floor should be maintained at least 3°C above the dew point until subsequent toppings are applied.


    Add the hardener component to the resin component and mix using a low speed electric mixer (200 - 500 rpm) fitted with a mixing paddle designed to minimize air entrainment for 1 - 2 minutes until homogeneous. Care should be taken to ensure that any material adhering to the sides and bottom of the mixing vessel is thoroughly mixed in otherwise uncured patches may result. Important: Both components are pre-weighed and designed to be mixed together in their entirety. It is essential that the full amounts are mixed together and until homogenous to ensure the product cures correctly and to the desired finish.


    Once mixed Flowprime TC should be applied immediately in a continuous film. Work the primer into the surface using a stiff brush, roller or trowel avoiding pooling. On porous surfaces Flowprime TC will be absorbed very quickly leaving dry patches. A second coat should be applied to these dry areas to ensure good adhesion and reduce the possibility of air release from the substrate causing bubbles or pin holing in the final topping.

    Technical Datasheets

    Flowprime TC Technical Data Sheet

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    Safety Data Sheets

    Flowprime TC Hardener

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    Flowprime TC Resin

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